• NEW FOR THIS SALE: We will be inspecting your items as they are brought in so please be patient! It is important to us to bring our customers great quality items in good clean condition. We understand that stains, tears, etc. can slip past you unintentionally, esp. due to the difference in lighting in some areas. For this reason, please do not feel embarrassed or upset if your item is not accepted into the sale!

  • Make sure your items have the required printed tags from the system attached. We will NOT accept hand printed tags unless you have prior approval!

  • When dropping your items off (see dates and times) please allow enough time to have your items inspected/checked in and to place your items on the sales floor. We will have volunteers to help you do this.

  • Please do not allow your children to play on or with toys if they come with you. It is for their safety and the respect of our consignors that we make this request.

  • When you drop your items off PLEASE make sure that you sign in. It is at this time that we will issue your arm band so that you can attend the consignor presale. If you are having someone else drop your items off please make sure that they know to sign you in. You can print the waiver from the website and send it with them. If you do not sign in we cannot activate your items for sell.

  • Once you drop your items off, you are done. You do not have to do anything more other than pick your unsold items up (unless they are being donated) at the designated time (see dates and time).

  • Checks will be issued during pick up! If you are unable to pick your items up or have donated them, your check will be sent by mail within a week of the sale closing.