Here you will find answers to the most common questions that are asked. If you can't find an answer to your question please call 724-984-2458 or email and I'll do my best to answer any question you have.

How do I become a seller?

Register to become a consignor on this site (you can click HERE to register now). Then follow the steps to preparing, pricing and tagging your items.

If I was registered to consign for a prior sale, do I have to register again?

Yes, you must register for every sale you want to consign in. You will keep the same consignor number for each sale you participate in. If you have consigned in the past sales you will register under returning consignor and login (or click HERE now to do so).

What is the registration fee for?

The registration fee helps us to cover our costs for the lease of the building, insurance, racks, other sales materials and advertising. We make it convenient for you by deducting this fee from your final commission check instead of requiring it up front.

When do I drop off my items?

You will drop off your items during the "drop off" times. Please refer to the sale schedule found under the dates and times section. Please allow enough time in your schedule at drop off to have your items checked in and to place them in their appropriate locations on the sales floor.

Can someone else drop off my items for me?

Yes, anyone can drop your items off but make sure that if you are not dropping your items off you print the Recall Waiver and the Consignor's agreement and have them signed. The person dropping your items off needs to bring these forms signed by you and also make sure they know your consignor number so they can sign you in.

Will all of my items be accepted?

We will be screening items very closely as to maintain the quality of the sale. Please don't be offended if we ask you to take back some of your items. It is often easy to miss a stain or tear when you are getting your items ready at home. We want to make sure our sale is known for having the best quality in used merchandise. We will also be checking to make sure your clothing items are for the appropriate season. Please see the Items accepted page for further information.

What happens to my unsold items?

You will have the option of picking up all your unsold items or having them donated. You will choose if you want to donate the items and mark your tags accordingly while preparing your tags for the sale. If you are donating your items you will need to do nothing more after dropping your sale items off except wait to receive your check in the mail! If you choose to pick your unsold items up then please refer to sale dates and times and instructions.

Can I see what items have sold each sale day?

YES! You will be able to see what you have sold during each sale day after the sale has closed for the evening. Once we close the sale and return home we will upload the sales. You will be able to view what was sold once you login to the consignor homepage. It is often late when we get home so be patient!

How do I attend the Consignor's pre-sale?

If you are a registered consignor, you will receive an armband when you sign in at drop off. For this reason it is important that you sign in or have the person dropping your items off sign you in. You will need this armband to get into the presale. Only one arm band will be issued per consignor number.

Can I bring anyone with me to the pre-sale?

No one is permitted to shop the pre-sale except the volunteers and consignors. You must have an armband to enter the sale. It is important that we keep it fair to those who have earned the right to shop at the pre-sale by not allowing uninvited guest. However, we want to make your shopping experience comfortable and we know that it is helpful to have someone help you watch your children while you shop, therefore we will only permit ONE family member with each consignor or volunteer. Please do not bring friends.

Will I get my hangers back?

Hangers from your sold items will not be returned to you. However, we usually end up with a small amount of hangers at the end of each sale which we make available to our consignors for free at pick up on a first come, first served basis. You can also buy children's hangers cheap at Wal-Mart. You can also ask some of your local retail stores or dry cleaners, sometimes they have extras that they will give to you free. Also, check craigslist.

How do I price my items?

PRICE TO SELL YOUR ITEMS! I also recommend choosing to discount your items on Sunday. We have so many shoppers that only look for the discounted items. If you choose to allow your items to be sold at 1/2 price on the last day PLEASE do not overprice your items to compensate for the 1/2 price sale. We have more shoppers willing to pay full price on the first day or two of the sale, so doing this will hurt your chances of getting your items sold. Also keep in mind that department stores have great sales racks daily. Please do not price items higher than what someone can get it for brand new. Be realistic and ask yourself what you would be willing to pay if you were the customer. If you are still unsure, please don't hesitate to call and ask me for advice!

What percentage of my items can I expect to sell?

Your success is directly related to your pricing and the condition of your items. Most sellers sell approximately 50-60% of their items. We have sellers that sell 80-100% of their items! If the majority of your items are infant clothing then the percentage drops due to the volume of merchandise we receive in these sizes. This is because a lot of people receive infant clothing as gifts or hand me downs. This is why it is extremely important to keep your prices low in the infant sizes!

How can I shop before the public?

Every consignor is given the opportunity to shop before the public at the pre-sale. However, if you want to be absolutely one of the first to shop the sale, then you need to volunteer and sign up as a sale worker. Sale Workers are given the opportunity to shop during the Volunteer pre-sale, which takes place 1-2 hours prior to the consignor pre-sale.

Will dressing rooms be available?

No, so you may consider bringing a tape measure and your child's sizes and measurements with you.

Will shopping baskets be available?

Yes, there will be a limited number of large bags available for you to use while shopping. However, unless you opt to purchase the bag during check out you will need to turn the bag in before leaving. We do however suggest and permit you to bring along your own bag, laundry basket, tote or other means of transporting your bought items home.

What if I lose my consignor check? Can I get it re-issued?

Yes, if you lose your check, we will issue a replacement check, but we may have to deduct $30 to cover bank fees we are charged for cancelling your original check.

What is your return policy?

All sales are final with no returns! We ask that you carefully inspect your items before purchasing. We also offer batteries for testing items.